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Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana (MSSY)

Earn upto rs 1.5 lakh + passive income every month by

Selling solar power to UPCL

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana (MSSY)

The Uttarakhand government introduced the Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgaar Yojana to assist small and marginal farmers and young entrepreneurs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in establishing a reliable monthly income.

Under this initiative, individuals have the opportunity to install solar plants ranging from 20 kW to 200 kW capacity on their personal or leased land and sell the produced electricity to UPCL. The power company will enter into a 25-year agreement and provide a fixed rate of Rs 4.64 per unit for electricity supplied to the GRID/UPCL.

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana (MSSY) enables the utilization of barren or mountainous land where farming is challenging to generate a consistent and passive income of up to Rs 1.5 lakh per month*. Additionally, the state government offers assistance in financing the solar installation through loans and subsidies.

Solar Power Energy System

Financing the Solar Plant

At a rate of ₹50,000 per kilowatt, a solar plant ranging from 20 to 200 kilowatts can cost anywhere between ₹10 lakhs to 1 crore”.
Up to 75%* of this cost will be available to you through a loan, from govt banks which will be provided at an upto 9%* p.a interest rate for a maximum 15-year tenure. Moreover, the Uttarakhand government will provide up to 50% subsidy on the plant cost under the Chief Minister Self-Employment Scheme managed by the MSME Department. Not only this, but the state government will also cover a percentage of your loan interest.
Both the capital subsidy and interest subsidy will vary according to location of your solar plant.

The state subsidy rates for different districts are as follows:


• Uttarkashi
• Rudraprayag
• Chamoli
• Champawat
• Bageshwar

Capital Subsidy :  50% of Capital Investment maximum up to 50 lakh PAYABLE 50% in 2 yrs

Interest Subsidy : 4% of bank interest (maximum up to 5 lakh/yr) for 3 yrs.


• Almora
• Pauri
• Tehri (Mountain region)
• Dehradun-(Chakrata)
• Nainital-(Bhimtal, Dhari, Betalghat, Ramnagar, Okhalkanda)

Capital Subsidy : 40% of Capital Investment maximum up to 40 lakh PAYABLE 50% up to 2 yrs

Interest Subsidy : 4% of bank interest (maximum up to 4 lakh/yr) for 3 yrs


• Tehri -(Plain Area-Dhalwala, Tapovan, Muni Ki Reti, Fakot)
• Dehradun (Raipur, Sahaspur, Vikasnagar, kalsi, Doiwala (800m sea level)
• Nainital (Kotabagh 800 m sea level)

Capital Subsidy : 30% of Capital Investment maximum up to 30 lakh PAYABLE 50% up to 2 yrs

Interest Subsidy : 4% of bank interest (maximum up to 3 lakh /Yr) for 3 yrs.


• Haridwar- Udham Singh Nagar • Nainital- Ramnagar, Haldwani, Nagarpalika, Lalkuan, Kotabagh (800 m sea level)
• Dehradun-Raipur, Sahaspur, Vikasnagar, kalsi, Doiwala (800m sea level)

Capital Subsidy : 20% of Capital Investment maximum up to 20 lakh PAYABLE 50% up to 2 yrs

Interest Subsidy : 4% of bank interest (maximum up to 2 lakh /Yr) for 3 yrs.

To start the installation process, you will have to deposit the margin money (the remaining cost after the loan). Once the subsidy is approved, it will either be deducted from your loan amount or deposited in your bank (based on your pavment plan).

Things to Note

Solar Power Plant Energy System

How to Apply for MSSY

Individuals can apply directly through the online portal by submitting their application along with the necessary documents. The process begins with UREDA conducting a technial feasibility study of the land. Once the study is approved, and a Power Purchase Agreement is signed, you can get the solar plant installed.

Alternatively, you can choose S&S Energy Systems to assist you throughout the entire process. S&S is an empanelled vendor for the MSSY scheme, recognized by the state government, UREDA, UPCL, SECI. We offer end-to- end service from collecting required documents, online application, and loan and subsidy application to solar plant installation.

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