Solar for Schools and Universities

Many schools and colleges in India are fast realizing that they can save on electricity bills, and send a positive eco-friendly message to the young minds they nurture by installing solar. While some schools and universities choose to install grid-tie solar to get relief from high electricity bills, others prefer off-grid solar installations.

Four Ways Schools & Universities Can Go Solar:


  • Grid Tie Solar For Institutions:


Many schools in metros opt for Grid-tie solar system. This is a battery-less system that consists of grid-tie inverter and solar panels. This system is maintenance-free and helps in saving money on electricity bills. It is also possible to sell surplus solar energy to state electricity board through grid-tie solar installations.

  • Off-Grid Solar for Institutions with Solar PCU:


Off-grid solar is widely used by schools and universities in India. It is suitable for areas that face frequent power cuts because it lets you save extra solar energy in batteries for use during power cuts. Solar PCU – off-grid solar inverter, which has an inbuilt solar charge controller, is an important part of any off-grid solar installation.

(3) Converting Ordinary Home Inverter and Battery into Solar System:


With Su-Kam’s solar charge controllers, any ordinary inverter or battery can be converted into solar power system.

  • Solar DC System:


This is the cheapest and most-efficient way to go solar for schools and colleges. Grid-tie and off-grid systems convert DC generated by solar panels into AC because all electrical appliance can run only on AC. Whereas, Su-Kam’s DC system comes with LED Lights, Fans and TV that can run directly on DC. It also has battery to save solar energy for later use.

Suggested Solar Products:

Solar Battery
Solar Battery
Solar PCU
Solar PCU
Solar Grid Tie Inverter
Solar Grid Tie Inverter


Solar Modules
Solar Modules
Solar Mate-MPPT Solar Charger Controller
Solar Mate-MPPT Solar Charger Controller



Some Solar-powered Schools and Universities


  • 30KW Off Grid Solar at Community School in Haryana: Gilliy Mundy Memorial community School(GMMCS) a tribute to the late Social activist Gurpreet Singh Mundi by his UK based father

Mr Mota Singh is saving Rs 50000.00 each month,


  • 5 KW Solar at a school in Sirsa Haryana: This small was tired of spending money on diesel generators which also causes noise and air pollution and now they are proud to be a solar powered School.


  • 3MW On Grid Solar Power Project at Punjab Engineering College (PEC): The On Grid System is helping the college run 50% of its total load through solar and is also making annual an annual saving of Rs 1 Crore for the college,


  • ITM University Goes Solar: Haryana Premier University decided to make the most of it parking lot of solarising it. A 150 Kwp Solar Plant has been installed in the parking area of ITM,


  • School in Chennai Runs on Su-Kam Solar Power Systems: A reputed School in Chennai choose Su-Kam for a grid Tie Solar power Plant installation. The Solar Plant makes an annual saving of Rs 15Lac for this school.


  • 50Kwp Grid Tie Installation at Shivalik Public School: The Solar Power Systems Generates approximately 60K-72K Unit of electricity Per Annum and is equipped to handled the complete power load of school during working hours,


  • 100KWp Solar Power Plant at Gates Institutes of Technology: 100KWp Solar power plant at Gates Institute Of Technology in Andhra Pradesh makes 1.5L Units of electricity through Solar, Thanks to this Solar Installation the college authorities saved.


           & Many More are yet to be Added in the list………………………..