Myths about Solar


Myth#1: Solar Doesn’t work in cool. cloudy or foggy Climates

Buster: Solar Panel requires light & not heat to generate electricity “ Germany ranks very low in sunny days and it is still the solar capital of the world”


Myth#2: Solar Panel Require maintenance:

Buster: Periodic cleaning of panels in required depending upon the dust in your location,”Panel have a life of 25 years Only”


Myth#3:Solar is so expensive that it is not viable.

Buster: Solar has a lot of incentives in the form of subsidies and tax benefits from govt, which it extremely viable, On average ,panel pay for themselves completely within 7 to 15 years,


Myth#4: When power foes out,my home is still powered:

Buster: when power goes out,grid –tied systems go out without batteries will not power your home when power goes out,


Myth#5:I can not use solar because i don’t have southern roof Ex-Posure:

Buster:East/West roof exposure is also equally effective for solar Pv Systems,


Myth#6: Solar powered devices do not work work at Night:

Buster: Many solar Powered devices harness energy from the sun to be used later at night,


Some Major facts:

1: Many spacecraft that operate on the inner soalr systems such as juno and mars observer, rely on solar panels from electricity from the sun,

2:The Solar City Tower is under constructions for the brazil 2016 olympic games.The structure will function as as solar power generator during the day,Providing energy from Olympic village and venues.

3:Most of the India Have 300-330 Sunny days in a year, Which  is equivalent to over 5000 Trillion KWH per year,This is more then india’s total energy consumption per year,

4:The Ministry of New and Renewable energy provides 70% Subsidy on the installation cost of a solar Photovoltaic Power Plant in north East states and 30 Percentage subsidy in other regions,

5:India has been ranked the number One market in Asia for Solar Off Grid Products, also India currently has around 1.2 million solar home lighting systems and 3.2 Million solar Lanterns Solar/Distributed,

6:A 35000 Sq Kilometers area of the thar desert has been aside for solar power projects by Indian Government which is sufficient to generate power to the tune of 700 To 21,00 GW.